Junior Wing




Ms.Lakshmi Shobha
Head Junior wing
Silver Oaks International School

As one of our great teachers said ‘If the thirst for knowledge is kindled in children, you cannot stop them from learning, they are going to learn anyway’. Thus a good facilitator helps to find out one’s capability and makes one competent enough in whatever field chosen.

My interest to know and understand the children made me do the Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education and B.Ed to become well trained, in the profession. Working in different institutions for ten years before, gave me classroom management skills, people skills but as an educator in Silver Oaks for the past six years, gave more meaning to my profession.

Be it, doing ‘Teaching for understanding’ course through Harvard University online or attending more than a dozen workshops, built me professionally. Training the teachers of RDF and Prajwala as a social responsibility developed my personality. I have become more passionate about my profession than I was before.

I am in sync with the ideology of the school that true potential of a child can be expressed when there is no comparison. Listening to music recharges my spirit and reading spiritually (read not religiously) inclined books gratifies my soul at the end of the day. I spend travelling during summer breaks to be with nature and also to understand people of different cultures and regions. As the head of the primary wing, along with my very proactive team, I am here to guide, to give a nurturing atmosphere to the little citizens and ignite that spark in them.