Vice Principal





Rachna Sharma
Vice Principal
Silver Oaks International School

Her association with Silver Oaks began in 2007 as the Head of Junior Wing after twelve years of teaching experience in various Schools in India. She was also the Primary Years Programme (PYP) Coordinator of International Baccalaureate (IB) at Silver Oaks for three years. This experience gave her immense exposure and an in-depth understanding of the International pattern of education.

She works towards “inspiring young minds” and derives immense satisfaction by transforming young students into inquisitive learners with a spontaneous desire to lead. The joy of watching these young minds getting metamorphosed into thinking and learning entities is unparalleled and gives her a sense of fulfilment.

Bachelor's Degree in Commerce and Education followed by a Masters’ in Education Management has given her a deep understanding of the functioning of educational organisations, both from the faculty and the management perspectives.

She believes in constant upgrading of skills and works towards ‘training the trainers’. She has been trained at various workshops conducted in India and abroad by the International Baccalaureate Organisation. She has been trained in Making PYP Happen, Collaborative Planning, Assessment in PYP, Role of Math in PYP, Concept Driven Curriculum, Sustainability as International-Mindedness besides undergoing a course from Harvard University on ‘Leading for Understanding’ conducted by the Project Zero.

She believes that to be an educator is not only to be associated with the teaching-learning process but is also about grooming a young mind into a well balanced human being, and for this, the educators have to constantly upgrade their skills. Towards this, she has attended workshops on issues like Emotional Intelligence, Howard Gardeners’ 5 Minds of the Future and the 4 megatrends of education. She has attended World Conference of IB Educators at Singapore and a Symposium conducted by the MS University, Baroda. She has participated in the SIABSA meets and job-alike sessions of the PYP.

She has given a talk at TEDx(Silver Oaks) besides conducting in-School workshops on Math in PYP and International-Mindedness.